Temple Shalom is a Reform Temple affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism. As Naples' primary place of Jewish worship since 1962, Temple Shalom is a source of religious enhancement, and a place for spiritual guidance and solace in time of need. Our members, from all Jewish backgrounds, find in Temple membership a sense of identity and attachment.

We emphasize present day Jewish values and historic experience through Shabbat, Holiday observance and education for congregants of all ages. Bar and Bat Mitzvah training includes highlighting the contemporary meaning of being Jewish. Adult education nourishes our commitment to learning and continuity.

Our mission is to strengthen Jewish identity and commitment, serving as a place of worship, a place of study, and a place of community.

As such, Temple Shalom provides a meeting place, a sacred space for worship, and an educational and social resource for Jews of all ages. Our goal is to include all members of our faith. Our congregants, representing the great diversity of the Jewish population, find a sense of identity, attachment, and family through Temple membership. Temple Shalom represents the Jewish religion to the total community of Collier County by building friendships and fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of Judaism.

Our Friday Shabbat Services are the focus of the Temple week and is the foundation reinforcing the continuing religious growth of our membership. This, coupled with our Saturday morning more traditional service, satisfies the various degrees of observance within our community.

We also offer a variety of additional worship experiences, such as a Sunday and weekday minyan, Tot Shabbat and Family Shabbat eve services.