Anna SalomonDr. Anna Salomon, RJE  Director of Congregational Education

Dr. Anna Salomon, RJE is an accomplished educator with a breadth of experience working with students of all ages, from early childhood through the elementary and secondary years, as well as families and adults. Anna completed two Masters degrees (one in Jewish Studies and one in Elementary Education), as well as her doctorate in Jewish Educational Leadership, with her research focusing on professional development and the use of technology in Jewish educational settings.




Seyla Cohen  Seyla Cohen, Preschool Director

  Born in Izmir, Turkey, Seyla came to the USA in 1985.  She began working as a teacher in the Temple Shalom Preschool in 1991 when her son       was in the 2 year old program.  In 2007 she became the Preschool Director.  Seyla has a degree in Business Administration and she also holds a   Florida Child Care Professional Credential (FCCPC) and an Advanced Director's Credential. Seyal is passionate about Early Childhood Education   and believes that self-confidence in children is the most important instrument to raising successful children.




Temple support staff

Randi Butterworth - Clergy Assistant -

Maxine Gould - Bookkeeper -

Jeanette Fischer - Communications Director -

Ana Maria Tamargo - Temple Engagement Coordinator & Concierge -

Victor Lucas - Facility Manager -

Christina Rea - Religious Education Administraitve Assistant -

Gloria Mellman - Preschool Administrative Assistant-