Count Your Blessings


A Sisterhood "stay at home" event


How to “Count Your Blessings”

It’s season in Naples, there’s so much going on.

It seems we are running both hither and yon.

Book club, discussion group, dinner or brunch,

We find ourselves caught in a serious crunch.

But you still can be helpful.  We’ve a cure for your woes.

Be a supporter of Sisterhood. Here’s how it goes.

Do not get dressed up.  Just brew up some joe.

Relax and rest up.  There’s no place you must go.

Just take some time out to heed this request

To contemplate all things with which you are blessed.

How much is each worth?  You make the call.

You assign each amount… then add up them all.

But if you prefer, just say “What the heck!”

Write whatever amount you choose on your check. 

Be thankful, be thoughtful.  You know what we do.

Onegs, religious school, programs… more, too.

Will you take a seat at our virtual table?

Please be one of our angels and give what you’re able.


Thank you! 


Donations to the Count Your Blessings event may be made securely through PayPal 




Donations by check should be made payable to Temple Shalom Sisterhood and mailed to:

4630 Pine Ridge Road

Naples, FL 34119