Join the Temple Sisterhood & Men's Club 

for a joint luncheon featuring the highly anticipated return of the

Sernovitz Travelogue

 Featuring recognized travel photographer

Jim Sernovitz



Colorful Cuba


 February 13th at 11:30am

The Men's Club's famous Chinese buffet will be served prior to the presentation



We are doing a Mitzvah – and YOUR help is requested!

Cuba’s Jewish population has dwindled to approximately 1,200 people. Like the rest of the Cuban population, they endure basic shortages of food and health care needs. Casa de la Comunidad Hebrea de Cuba, the center of Judaism in Havana, houses a pharmacy that provides free medical and health-related supplies to both Jews and non-Jews. Please bring any of the medicines listed below to the luncheon. The pharmaceuticals that we collect will be delivered to Templo Beth-Shalom/Comunidad Hebrea de Cuba on our behalf by Stephen Church. (Stephen will be speaking briefly about this project during the program.)
Vitamins: Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 100 mg, Vitamin E 400 mg., Vitamin C 500 mg.
Creams: Desitin, BENGAY, Icy Hot Eyes: Artificial Tears, Cooling drops
Stomach Ache: Alka Seltzer, Zantac

Spouses and friends welcome!

RSVP by February 9th


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 Payment by check can be made by contacting

Barbara Druckman



I can't make it to the luncheon but I would like to donate to Sisterhood